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The classrooms in ‘our school’ are complete

We all had our Officially Stern faces on this morning; on Saturday we had held our first optional weekend classes.  35 kids had come, which was great, but it was a rowdy afternoon, with one boy sent home, and a … Continue reading

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Extra extra classes

So we’ve been running for almost a month now.  A serious core of pupils comes every day and for two hours they learn reading, writing, maths and English with us. But still, that means that a child who attends every … Continue reading

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Stability, and the minor miracle

So you want to know what the best thing is about our classes?  Well, that was the first item on our teaching team meeting agenda today. We have to have things like teaching team meetings these days because there are … Continue reading

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The law on school picnics

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m in a room with some very tired people.  A Swede, a Serb, an Italian, some Kosovars.  They work in one of the many organisations that has been in Kosovo since the war in 1999 to … Continue reading

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Gjelane tells me she’d like to go to school

Have you ever had that feeling when everything clicks into place? Looking back over your life you think you see a pattern: apparently unconnected activities like having been a deputy headteacher in a Hackney primary school, learning Albanian, the film … Continue reading

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