The Ideas Partnership has been working in Kosovo for two years, and with the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community in Fushe Kosove since October 2010.  When in February we did a house-to-house survey in Fushe Kosove’s poorest area, we discovered the extent of educational need in this community: in the first twenty-three houses we visited we found sixteen kids aged 9-16 who were not at school.  Worse, we discovered that these kids had lost their right to go to school, because they missed the first two years when registration was open.  They would only be accepted if they passed a test, and they couldn’t pass a test without being in school.  So we started catch-up classes for these kids (more than 50 of them) in a private flat in the community, using volunteer staff and entirely funded by private donation.

The great news is that, in September, many of those children were in a crocodile of smiles that weaved through Fushe Kosove to school for the very first time. It’s a tough transition, but they are changing their own lives.

The work continues. There are still daily issues of acceptance in the school, requiring constant intervention to keep the children where they belong, where they have a right to be, and where they want to be. We’re paying for a community advocate, from the children’s neighbourhood, to be the go-between for the families and the school, and to try to bridge some big gaps.

It cost a euro per child per day to run these classes – £17.50 per child per month, or £105 to take a child to mainstream school.

We survive on the donations of thoughtful individuals. If you’re in Kosovo then you can donate through our registered NGO bank account with ProCredit Bank.  If you’re based elsewhere, you can use Paypal to pay money into our UK charity bank account. It all goes directly and completely to doing good things for this community.

Thank you for getting interested.

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  3. Paul Thompson says:

    You Gowing girls are remarkable women! Elizabeth, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, but your commitment to improving the lives of these children is wonderful and I wish you well in this endeavour. Best wishes. Paul (one of the inadequate many).

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