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Letters and numbers, oh my!

I’m Lisa Smith, one of the volunteers in Fushe Kosove and the guest blogger for this posting. LETTERS and NUMBERS, that’s what’s on my mind…subjects that have become close to me, painstakingly so at times, these last few months of … Continue reading

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Childhood in scraps. Mentor’s half-hour education

You’ve seen those kids working on the streets – pesky children with squeegees and cheek at the traffic lights, children with dirty faces and no smile sitting outside the mosque, children with half-healed scratches scrambling into dumpsters.  You wonder at … Continue reading

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What the royal wedding meant for Fushe Kosove

To educate children today, teaching ABC is not enough.  They also have to learn QWERTY.  I remember in one of my first classrooms in a London primary school, 15 years ago, where we had one computer in the room and … Continue reading

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Knowing your place – our first geography lesson

When I went for a meeting in the local school a few weeks ago I looked around carefully to see what our kids were missing out on. In fact, there’s lots we have to be proud of in our bright, … Continue reading

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Extra extra classes

So we’ve been running for almost a month now.  A serious core of pupils comes every day and for two hours they learn reading, writing, maths and English with us. But still, that means that a child who attends every … Continue reading

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Magic markers

I’m knackered.  But Rob says he hasn’t seen me this happy in ages.  Day 3 of school today, and we had 38 kids (almost double what we had when we opened on Tuesday.  Eek).  We also had another teacher so … Continue reading

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