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Gjelane revisited. How have we spent the last year?

Hello! How have you been? It’s been more than a year since we’ve updated this blog (though people who’ve followed us on Facebook, where we are Theideaspartner Ship, have read about how our story’s continued). But today I bumped into … Continue reading

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Registered! Gjelane’s going to school :-)

So Friday was a great day, the Hollywood shot, as the children stepped out en masse across the mahalla to claim the education that was theirs by right. But what was done at the ‘big school’ on Friday was only … Continue reading

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Fifty two! And shall I count in fives or tens?

Fifty two! That’s how many children came with us to be assessed for school on Friday.  Out of the 70 children who’ve been coming to classes with us for the last four months, I’d reckoned that 37 would definitely make … Continue reading

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Our Big Day tomorrow

I’ve not done much blogging over the last few weeks but please don’t think that not much is happening in Fushe Kosove. It’s probably been the most significant week since we started classes.  Here’s what’s been going on since I … Continue reading

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Counting down: preparation for next Friday’s Commission

Today was the five times table.  We counted it out with fingers, compared it with the tens (almost everyone knows their tens), high-fived our way around the class, drew round hands on the beautiful new bright sugar paper we were … Continue reading

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Registration Part III: Shkurta’s sister’s headscarf

You may remember that we discovered that six of our children turned out to be younger than they’d said.  Being eight years old means that they can in fact register in the normal way to start school in September, unlike … Continue reading

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Definitely before September; the stakes get higher.

The Human Rights Co-ordinator in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has quite a lot on his plate.  And now he has us too; it is he who has been given responsibility for following up the issue of getting … Continue reading

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