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Registration. Part two

Samire brought her passport into class on Monday ready to go to register at the big school with me when lessons finished (I like the idea of kids needing their passport to embark on the voyage of education).  I explained … Continue reading

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We just do what we can do

Today we had to close the school. A combination of holiday (1 person), pre-agreed other commitments (1 person), a training course (1 person), the vaccination programme for which we had an ICO minibus loaned to us for the day and … Continue reading

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Back to school

I’m back! After a week in England I came to Fushe Kosove with fresh eyes. What’s changed? Have the children grown? (in fact I always find that my pupils seem smaller after time away.  They loom so large in my … Continue reading

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World Health Day

I know it’s unoriginal to say so, but I would like there to be more than one Health Day in a year.  But not if it meant I had to spend any more than one afternoon in every 365 sitting … Continue reading

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