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In their shoes!

Blog by Ideas Partnership volunteer Kaltrina Kusari If you enter any store towards the end of August, you immediately see “Back to School” displays. All those colorful notebooks and backpacks lure kids in, making them believe that they really need … Continue reading

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Definitely before September; the stakes get higher.

The Human Rights Co-ordinator in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has quite a lot on his plate.  And now he has us too; it is he who has been given responsibility for following up the issue of getting … Continue reading

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Registration. Part two

Samire brought her passport into class on Monday ready to go to register at the big school with me when lessons finished (I like the idea of kids needing their passport to embark on the voyage of education).  I explained … Continue reading

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An envelope of euros; afternoon classes begin

On Friday evening a gathering of nearly 30 ex-pats danced and played games and ate extremely well at the house of American couple, Eleanor and Chris Rowan.  Eleanor and Chris had invited friends to come to a fundraising dinner for … Continue reading

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What the royal wedding meant for Fushe Kosove

To educate children today, teaching ABC is not enough.  They also have to learn QWERTY.  I remember in one of my first classrooms in a London primary school, 15 years ago, where we had one computer in the room and … Continue reading

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Your first book; promise

Can you remember the first book you owned? Or did you grow up in a home with so many books that trying to answer that question would be like trying to remember the first meal you ate? I’ve now visited … Continue reading

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The classrooms in ‘our school’ are complete

We all had our Officially Stern faces on this morning; on Saturday we had held our first optional weekend classes.  35 kids had come, which was great, but it was a rowdy afternoon, with one boy sent home, and a … Continue reading

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