On March 9, Elizabeth Gowing had a conversation with a 9-year-old Kosovan girl called Gjelane.

Gjelane said she wanted to go to school.

Simple enough, you might think. But there’s a catch.

To get into school in Kosovo, Gjelane now needs to pass a test. She missed the deadline for entry. But to pass the test, she needs to learn to read and to write and to pass tests. She’s stuck in limbo.

So (thought Elizabeth) what to do about Gjelane? And are there other kids in the same position?

Barely a week later, Elizabeth has set up the beginnings of a school, in a borrowed flat. Two weeks later, there are almost 50 kids coming along every day. All of them seeking the basic tools to enable them to get an education.

This site tells the story of how Elizabeth is going about trying to get Gjelane – and dozens of Kosovan kids like her – into school.

If you want to get in touch directly about this work then email theideaspartnership@gmail.com.


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