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Finding the words and images to say

Guest blogger: Elisabetta Iberni I still cannot say whether my first encounter with Elizabeth, in the Roma Mahalla of Mitrovica, happened by accident or by destiny. I have been working there for almost two years with Danish Refugee Council, in … Continue reading

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Registered! Gjelane’s going to school :-)

So Friday was a great day, the Hollywood shot, as the children stepped out en masse across the mahalla to claim the education that was theirs by right. But what was done at the ‘big school’ on Friday was only … Continue reading

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Virtual volunteering

Guest blog by Su Jones By day I’m a senior design manager for a high street retailer, and in my evenings and weekends I am a virtual volunteer for The Ideas Partnership, working from the UK to remotely support the fantastic work … Continue reading

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Fifty two! And shall I count in fives or tens?

Fifty two! That’s how many children came with us to be assessed for school on Friday.  Out of the 70 children who’ve been coming to classes with us for the last four months, I’d reckoned that 37 would definitely make … Continue reading

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Our Big Day tomorrow

I’ve not done much blogging over the last few weeks but please don’t think that not much is happening in Fushe Kosove. It’s probably been the most significant week since we started classes.  Here’s what’s been going on since I … Continue reading

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What the twelve year-olds taught me

Guest blogger: Kaltrina Kusari I initially wanted to be a part of the catch-up classes in Fushe-Kosove because I grew up in Kosova, but I was rarely exposed to the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities. I wanted to immerse myself … Continue reading

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