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Counting down: preparation for next Friday’s Commission

Today was the five times table.  We counted it out with fingers, compared it with the tens (almost everyone knows their tens), high-fived our way around the class, drew round hands on the beautiful new bright sugar paper we were … Continue reading

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Dear Minister, this is why we want to go to school

‘Imagine I’m the Minister for Education…’ I begin.  The children are looking blank.  I’m attempting to build a classroom of advocates – kids who are self-confident and know their rights and have some of the skills to assert them. ‘What … Continue reading

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Letters and numbers, oh my!

I’m Lisa Smith, one of the volunteers in Fushe Kosove and the guest blogger for this posting. LETTERS and NUMBERS, that’s what’s on my mind…subjects that have become close to me, painstakingly so at times, these last few months of … Continue reading

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Childhood in scraps. Mentor’s half-hour education

You’ve seen those kids working on the streets – pesky children with squeegees and cheek at the traffic lights, children with dirty faces and no smile sitting outside the mosque, children with half-healed scratches scrambling into dumpsters.  You wonder at … Continue reading

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Registration Part III: Shkurta’s sister’s headscarf

You may remember that we discovered that six of our children turned out to be younger than they’d said.  Being eight years old means that they can in fact register in the normal way to start school in September, unlike … Continue reading

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