Gjelane tells me she’d like to go to school

Have you ever had that feeling when everything clicks into place? Looking back over your life you think you see a pattern: apparently unconnected activities like having been a deputy headteacher in a Hackney primary school, learning Albanian, the film I watched on holiday, the end of a consultancy contract coming up – these have all come together quietly, just waiting for me to notice them. They were waiting for this conversation with the 9 year old Ashkali girl in Kosovo who explains that she would like to go to school. It seems a simple request – this is Europe, it’s the 21st century. So I promise I will get Gjelane to school. However long it takes…

Gjelane’s story is now told in a book published as The Rubbish-Picker’s Wife; an unlikely friendship in Kosovo (Elbow Publishing, 2015) and available on Amazon

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