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You can call me teacher

The NUT issued a mug some years ago listing all the roles, from nose-wiper to counseller by way of literary critic, that are needed in the classroom.  At the bottom, in big bolshy letters it said ‘But you can call … Continue reading

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The kindness of strangers

When I first moved to Kosovo, nearly 5 years ago, I was acutely aware of my vulnerability.  Unable to speak the language or navigate the culture or systems, I spent much of my days alone in a bewildering land.  I … Continue reading

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A confession and a Surprise

Best moment of the day today: I was taking the register when the door opened. Three uncertain-looking children stood there eyeing me with some suspicion.  I recognised them from a house I’ve made 8 home visits to over the past … Continue reading

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The madrasa’s rejects

So the photos I developed at the weekend to put on the outside door didn’t last long.  Within a few hours a boy was racing up the stairs to tell me someone had taken his brother’s photo down.  When I … Continue reading

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Doomed to repeat

The class is sitting on blankets on the concrete floor, balancing paper on their knees to write. The guy in the photo shop looks at the picture. ‘Yeah, my school was like that too,’ he says. I’ve brought some of … Continue reading

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The law on school picnics

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m in a room with some very tired people.  A Swede, a Serb, an Italian, some Kosovars.  They work in one of the many organisations that has been in Kosovo since the war in 1999 to … Continue reading

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Spring arrives in Neighbourhood 29

Spring came to Fushe Kosove today!  It’s been a long bitter winter (we had snow as recently as Monday) and it’s a place where you feel the cold.  Windows don’t have glass in them, shoes have holes in them, we’ve … Continue reading

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